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The AFLís (American Football League) eighth original franchise was forced to look for another home after a deal with Minnesota fell through. They decided to put it in the Bay area. The Oakland Raiders, led by Coach Eddie Erdelatz played their first game ever at San Francisco's Kezar Stadium on September 11th where they lost to the Houston Oilers by a score of 37-22.

In 1969, the Oakland Raiders again dominated the AFL in what would be the leagueís final season before the AFL and NFL merged. John Madden was named AFL coach of the year in 1969 when, at age 32, he was the AFLís youngest coach. The Raiders won their third straight Division Title with a record of 12-1-1. In the AFL Championship Game in Oakland the Raiders were matched up against their fiercest rival, the Kansas City Chiefs. They had already beaten them twice in the season, but couldnít do it again in the playoffs. The Chiefs went on to win 17-7.

Madden left the Raiders after the 1978 season and was replaced by Tom Flores, who had been the teamís first quarterback. In Floresís nine seasons as head coach he led the club to five postseason appearances and two Super Bowl championships.

Jerry Rice, who holds every major career receiving record, was added to the Oakland Raiders in 2001. He joined Tim Brown in the 1,000-yard club as the Raiders jumped out to a terrific start winning their first 8 out of 10 games. However, the Raiders coasted through their last three games losing them all and were forced to play in the Wild Card round after a 10-6 season. The Oakland Raiders won their first game over the New York Jets and were on to face the New England Patriots. They appeared to be heading for the AFC Championship game with a win over the Patriots, but the play was reversed by instant replay thanks to the obscure and controversial tuck rule. The Patriots ended up winning 16-13.

One thing that the Raiders are known for is their strong fan base. They have won fifteen division titles, three Super Bowls, four AFC titles and an AFL Championship.

Overstock.com Coliseum In Oakland, California

Completed in 1966 with only the Oakland Raiders as tenants, the $25.5 million complex lured the Athletics from Kansas City in 1968 and the Warriors from San Francisco in 1971. Overstock.com Coliseum has been named that since 2011. Before that, it was known as McAfee Coliseum. It has undergone numerous name changes and is commonly referred to as "The Coliseum".

Overstock.com Coliseum is an outdoor stadium that features a unique underground design where the playing surface is actually below ground level. So, fans entering the stadium find themselves walking on to the main concourse of the stadium at the top of the first level of seats. Only the third deck is visible from outside the park. This gives the Coliseum the illusion of being a short stadium from the outside.